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__________________________________________________________________________________________ 15th October 2014

Amazing new commercial that I did concept work on for Hiscox.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 9th October 2014

The poster for a film I worked on has just gone online...nice!

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 28th September 2014

Trailer for the new series of Downton Abbey which I worked on earlier in the year.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 17th September 2014

Cheeky new ident for Mitsubishi from last month.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 22nd March 2014

Colourful new commercial for Rimmel London showcasing Rita Ora's new collection.
The graphic Pop Art styling turned out great, so bold and vivid.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 16th March 2014

Tricksy new promo for Lily Allen that I helped out with is up.
It took a bit of head scratching with the director to figure out the shots.
As the concept required multiple Lily's to interact together on screen.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 6th February 2014

Fun new commercial that I worked on for Tetley Tea.
Now available at an ad break near you.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 24th November 2013

New stuff...
TV ad for Mr Green online casino has been released out into the wild.
It's the first of a set of three which have been rolled out across europe.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 9th September 2013

New promo for ITV Drama - with an all star cast - is now up on 'tintanet.
Will put some of my boards up soon.

Meanwhile see if you can spot which character is from which drama.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 24th August 2013

The trailer for Sunshine On Leith (which I worked on) is finally here.
It's a new film based on the musical, which features the songs of 'The Proclaimers'.
Available in all good cinemas from October 4th !

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 1st June 2013

Is it a bird? Is it a plane (maybe)? No its Jackie Chan!
A small ad I worked on has now evolved into short film 'The Unbelievable' for Embraer.
Some of the boards are up on the site.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 19th May 2013

New super, slick, shiny commercial that I worked on for the new Jaguar F-type is now up.
The director stuck so faithfully to my boards that it's quite surreal.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 17th May 2013

Stunning ad for Lexus by the ubertalented Danny Kleinman.
I just worked on the teaser but you can watch the full ad below.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 3rd November 2012

New ad I worked on with the awesomely talented and multi award winning Emeli Sande for HTC.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 17th September 2012

Spangly trailer for the new series of Strictly Come Dancing for the BBC.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 4th September 2012

I'm a bit late with this update but its worth a mention. A very nice video I worked on, for a very nice exhibition at the Science Museum, for the very nice people over at Google. Have a look.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 12th June 2012

A recent ad for the SNBTS has now popped up online.
Some of the storyboards that I did are up on the site. That is all ...

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 6th June 2012

New commercial for the World Wonders project for Google.
I worked on this one a few months back.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 27th May 2012

Eurovision 2012 and Sweden completely wiped the floor with everyone. Spain got their
wish and managed to lose effortlessly. As for the UK, well the less said the better.

Some concept frames that I did for the interval show are now up on the site.
Check it out below:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 18th February 2012

Freshly hatched new promo animation for the Brit Awards 2012.
Did some concept frames for the creatives over at ITV.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 12th October 2011

Amazing zero gravity ad for the You Tube Spacelab project that I did a bit of work on.
Over 10 Million hits and counting! Boards are up on the site.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 4th October 2011

Slick new titles sequence for 'Show & Tell' for Channel 4 that I worked on with the guys at Blac Ionica.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 20th September 2011

Ambitious new film for Telenor that I did the boards for has finally gone up on t'internet.
It's a collaboration between Agile Films and the newly hatched Green Cave People.
And its in 3D!

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 25th August 2011

New street dance ident for Channel 4. Boards are up on the site.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2nd April 2011

New promo that I worked on for Sky Sports for the PGA Masters in Augusta.
Lots of nice slow mo and in 3D too.

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