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__________________________________________________________________________________________ 7th October 2010

Name that tune.
Cheeky little ad for Heinz that I helped Andy at Rattling Stick out with in August.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 28th September 2010

A fun animated short film project for Nokia Siemens that I boarded out a few weeks ago.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 4th July 2010

Nintendo DSi commercial I did some work on a short time back.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 17th March 2010

New N-Dubz promo 'Say It's Over'.
Did boards for the video for the gang at Luti Media. Happy viewing:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 10th January 2010

A couple of very nice short animated ads for Fisherman's Friend have made it online
- I did some artwork on them. Though I'm having trouble deciding if the weather in the
ads is better or worse than the wind and snow outside my window at the moment.

Have a look below:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 25th September 2009

Sombre new promo for White Belt Yellow Tag by Cassiano and Stachemou.
Click on the pic to have a look:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 7th September 2009

Fun new ad I boarded a while back for Wink Bingo is here.
Check out the exceptionally talented dog below:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 1st May 2009

A new set of ads that I worked on for Posh Bingo have been unleashed from post.
You can see a couple of the cheeky scamps below:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 6th April 2009

Pic from documentary Henry VIII - Mind of a Tyrant presented by David Starkey.
The series coincides with the 500 year anniversary of Henry's accession to the throne in 1509.

A few of the storyboards are up on the site.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 20th March 2009

Cheeky new 60" 'Celebration' commercial that I boarded a little while
back for Wink Bingo has danced its way online.

Click away below to have a look:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 10th March 2009

Those Snow Patrol Tour Visuals that I worked on are hitting all over the interweb.
Below is a great clip of the opening sequence.
There's now a handful of the boards I did for the epic animation up on the site.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 13th February 2009

Been busy on quite a few projects... but for the moment there still works in progress
(so can't show anything just yet). One project is for Channel 4, another for Snow Patrol.
Should be finished in a month or so will put up some clips and images soon.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 24th July 2008

Sexy new Bond Girl commercial for MTV Made that I did some boards for.
It's promoting new bond film 'Quantum Of Solace'.
Click the picture to watch it:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 8th July 2008

Finally the full length 60" promo trailer for Gordon Ramsay's F Word
that I worked on appears online. Watch it below:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 6th May 2008

New Stuff

'Gladiator' Promo for the new series of Gordon Ramsay's F Word for Channel 4.
Storyboards are up on the site.

Canon Euro 2008 commercial I boarded. Directed by Ivan Bird. Click the picture to see the commercial.

Also a new Npower 'Home Team' commercial that I boarded has surfaced. Directed by Osbert Parker.
Click the picture to see the commercial.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 27th April 2008

The Wink Bingo virals have arrived. Click below to have a look.



__________________________________________________________________________________________ 23rd October 2007

New Promo "What Planet You On?" for BODYROX Ft. LUCIANA has finally appeared online.
I did the 'boards for it a few weeks back. Very retro.
You can view it below:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 7th July 2007

Somehow I missed this one. It's a Viral video to promote the new Adobe CS3 software release.
I worked on it a few months back, creating the boards for the Agency that made the video.
It was all part of their campaign titled: What is in the box ?

You can find the Viral on You Tube.

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