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__________________________________________________________________________________________ 4th February 2021

Chilling new trailer for Behind Her Eyes. A shocking, twisted, psychological, limited series from Netflix.
That I worked on over the last summer, before everyone went into lockdown. Enjoy.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 25th September 2020

New trailer for Season 2 of The Spanish Princess.
Featuring a few of the action sequences that I worked on last year.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 17th November 2019

An interesting little update on a recent project that I have been working on.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 5th August 2019

The final trailer for 47 Meters Down : Uncaged has now been unleashed.
It looks equal parts scary, intense and nerve shreddding. Maybe not the best film to see if you are
claustrophobic - or scared of sharks.

Coming to a cinema near you this month.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 26th July 2019

An all new trailer and a better glimpse into more of the action in Angel Has Fallen.
Out in all good cinemas in a few short weeks.

Nick Nolte's beard is worth the ticket price alone.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 1st June 2019

Just like buses - you wait all year for a film, then three come along at once.

Another feature film project that I worked on last year is also scheduled to come out this summer.
Horror sequel 47 Meters Down : Uncaged - now has a new teaser trailer that has washing up online.

It follows up the highly successful original film. With plenty of new shocks and scares.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 18th May 2019

Another action spectacular for the summer.
Turning the dial all the way up to eleven, the Angel Has Fallen trailer crashes it's way online.

Had a lot of fun working on this over several months of 2017 / 2018. Fully loaded with great action and stunts,
all orchestrated by some of the best in the business - Ric Roman Waugh, Vic Armstrong and Greg Powell.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 7th May 2019

Awesome new trailer for Spider-Man : Far From Home. Now with 50% more Mysterio.
Though beware, there be spoilers ahead. You might want to wait until you have seen 'Avengers : Endgame'.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 14th March 2019

Stylish opening title sequence for Good Omens.
The new television series based on the original novel by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman.

I worked closely with the design team on this, helping them as they developed the look and style of the
animation. All overseen by Neil Gaiman in crafting his creative vision for the series.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 17th January 2019

Super cool new trailer for Spider-Man : Far From Home finally swings online.
I was lucky enough to do some work on one of the big set piece sequences last year.
Looking forward to seeing the finished film on the big screen this summer.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 31st October 2018

Fun little animated Halloween commercial that I worked on a couple of months ago.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 20th September 2018

Outstanding. I just discovered that not one, but two episodes of The Crown
which I worked on last year, were winners at the Emmy® Awards at the weekend.

Congratulations go to both Stephen Daldry and Adriano Goldman for their glorious work on Season II.

Stephen Daldry | Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series | For episode "Paterfamilias"

Adriano Goldman | Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series | For episode "Beryl"

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 27th June 2018

Impressive action packed trailer for Gerard Butler's new film Hunter Killer is here.
Great to see that they didn't hold back on the blowing shit up quota.
Really looking forward to seeing this one on the big screen.

Click below to launch:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 15th June 2018

So finally, after a long delay, the trailer for London Fields has arrived.
Good to hear that the film will be getting a release in a few months time, now that all the legal disputes appear to have been resolved. Looking forward to seeing the final result of all the crew's hard work.

Click below to check it out:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 12th January 2018

Slick trailer for new crime drama series Trust from FX.
Based on the story of the Getty kidnapping from 1973 - produced & directed by Danny Boyle.

Really looking forward to seeing how this one turned out:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 22nd December 2017

Finally the trailer for new dark crime series Hard Sun from the BBC.
Written by the acclaimed and brilliant Neil Cross creator of 'Luther'.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 16th November 2017

New teaser trailer for Trust from FX.
With the brilliant - and now Academy Award® winning - Donald Sutherland.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 12th November 2017

Majestic full trailer now up for Season II.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 11th August 2017

Gorgeous teaser trailer for the second season of The Crown.
Looks like an early Christmas present this year - roll on December 8th.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 4th July 2017

Handsome looking drama preview trailer from BBC One.
With a brief glimpse of a few of the sequences I worked on for Hard Sun.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2nd December 2016

Just in time for Christmas. The trailer for The Last Dragonslayer has arrived.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 30th July 2016

Another award winner.
Just discovered that an interactive music video project that I worked on for Bupa has
only gone and picked up a Cannes Lion award. You can see the trailer below:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 14th December 2015

Cheeky new festive ad for Irn-Bru.
Though I'm not sure this particular christmas jumper will be available in the shops.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 12th November 2015

Amazing new BMX film 'Kaleidoscope' that I worked on earlier in the year is finally here!
The production design is fantastic, and Kriss Kyle's amazing stunts are just insane.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 3rd August 2015

Slick new commercial for O2 that I boarded now online!
The final ad turned out great.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 12th July 2015

Really fun piece of animation that I worked on is now up.
It was for the opening ceremony of the Minecon convention in London earlier this month.
The animation is in a super wide format, so best to watch on the biggest screen you can find.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 1st May 2015

Slick new promo for Conor Maynard that I worked on....oh ages ago....has popped up on the blogosphere.
Featuring lots of light fingered slinky ladies, wearing very little.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 23rd February 2015

New video for Take That has gone out - which I did some artwork for last month.
Really like the bold lighting design and graphic silhouettes.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 31st October 2014

The trailer for Ex Machina has arrived. And wow does it look good...

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