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__________________________________________________________________________________________ 12th January 2018

Slick trailer for new crime drama series Trust from FX.
Based on the story of the Getty kidnapping from the 1970's - produced & directed by Danny Boyle.

Really looking forward to seeing how this one turned out:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 22nd December 2017

Finally the trailer for new dark crime series Hard Sun from the BBC.
Written by the acclaimed and brilliant Neil Cross creator of 'Luther'.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 16th November 2017

New teaser trailer for Trust from FX.
With the brilliant - and now Academy Award® winning - Donald Sutherland.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 12th November 2017

Majestic full trailer now up for Season II.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 11th August 2017

Gorgeous teaser trailer for the second season of The Crown.
Looks like an early Christmas present this year - roll on December 8th.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 4th July 2017

Handsome looking drama preview trailer from BBC One.
With a brief glimpse of a few of the sequences I worked on for Hard Sun.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 2nd December 2016

Just in time for Christmas. The trailer for The Last Dragonslayer has arrived.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 30th July 2016

Another award winner.
Just discovered that an interactive music video project that I worked on for Bupa has
only gone and picked up a Cannes Lion award. You can see the trailer below:

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 14th December 2015

Cheeky new festive ad for Irn-Bru.
Though I'm not sure this particular christmas jumper will be available in the shops.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 12th November 2015

Amazing new BMX film 'Kaleidoscope' that I worked on earlier in the year is finally here!
The production design is fantastic, and Kriss Kyle's amazing stunts are just insane.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 3rd August 2015

Slick new commercial for O2 that I boarded now online!
The final ad turned out great.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 12th July 2015

Really fun piece of animation that I worked on is now up.
It was for the opening ceremony of the Minecon convention in London earlier this month.
The animation is in a super wide format, so best to watch on the biggest screen you can find.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 1st May 2015

Slick new promo for Conor Maynard that I worked on....oh ages ago....has popped up on the blogosphere.
Featuring lots of light fingered slinky ladies, wearing very little.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 23rd February 2015

New video for Take That has gone out - which I did some artwork for last month.
Really like the bold lighting design and graphic silhouettes.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ 31st October 2014

The trailer for Ex Machina has arrived. And wow does it look good...

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