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Keith grew up around the west coast of Scotland, and as a child loved drawing from a very young age. Through high school he continued to experiment with different materials and techniques. Eventually trying his hand at most of the traditional methods available. Ranging from watercolours to painting, charcoals, pastels, inks to pencil, pens and markers.

Having developed a keen interest in cinema, in addition to a love of drawing. He decided to combine both passions. Progressing to art college and a degree at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design. Where he specialised in traditional animation.

Following art school, having completed his degree, he managed to secure a job with a newly established post-production company. Where he immediately found himself thrown in at the deep end of the fast paced world of video editing. While there he used his time to learn everything about how sound and images are meticulously pieced together, to create television programmes and videos.

Emerging three years later, a little bit older, but much wiser in his experience of the 'glamorous' world of television. He realising that he had not been using his creativity to it's best potential. So he returned to drawing and went freelance as an illustrator. With his invaluable knowledge of editing proving fundamental to the storyboarding process.

He now works across a broad range of different types of media. Creating a diverse range of artwork for feature films, television and commercials - both nationally and internationally.

Clients include:

Netflix, Amazon Studios, Ridley Scott Associates, Marvel Studios, BBC, Apple TV+, FX Productions, Channel 4, Left Bank Pictures, Millenium Films, Black Label, Stink, Academy Films, Google, ITV, DNA Films

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